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House League Program

Kingston Ice Wolves Fundamentals & House League Program Info & Registration

2020-2021 Fundamentals & House League Program Info

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN - Please register by September 25th  

Registration for 2020-21 will require two steps

Step One:

  • Login to your sports engine account to set up payment(s) for your daughter’s registration

Click here to register in SportsEngine

Step Two:

  • Register your child in RAMP
  • This step requires you to set up an account for your player in the OWHA’s RAMP system. You will need to select your division. Once your profiles are created you and your daughter(s) will be able to sign waivers and codes of conduct, medical form for the trainer of your team.
  • Make sure you scroll down to submit registration at the bottom of the page.
  • You will receive an email to confirm the completion of the registration.



Both above steps must be completed for your daughter to be able to participate in on ice activities, as per OWHA.

Please complete registration by end of day September 25th.  

Our plan for the 2020-2021 season is in the process of being reviewed by the City of Kingston, the Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington Health Unit, and the Ontario Women's Hockey Association, and is fully subject to their governance prior to the season starting. Please note that some adjustments to the plan described below may be necessary.

Player Health & Safety Measures:

The GKGHA’s 2020-21 Fundamentals & House League Program season will fully comply with all restrictions and regulations provided by the Ontario Government, KFL&A Health Unit, the City of Kingston, the Ontario Women’s Health Association, and Hockey Canada. Strict measures will be taken to ensure the health and safety of players, parents, coaches, and other volunteers, including:

  • All on-ice activities limited to 30 participants.
  • Using “Bubble Leagues“ with a maximum of 50 players to limit the participants our players and coaches will come into contact with
  • Strict facility entry protocols, including self-screening of all participants and guardians
  • Comprehensive records of player participation in games and practices, to assist with contact tracing if required
  • A detailed plan for how we will respond to any suspected, probable, or potential Covid-19 cases
  • Modified games rules (as defined by the OWHA) will be used to limit/reduce physical contact

Season Overview:

  • Players will be assigned to a bubble containing up to 50 players, based on their age category and/or skill level. Coaches assigned to each Bubble will make final player selections.
  • All practices and games will include only other teams and players from the same Bubble. Players will only be a part of 1 Bubble.
  • Within each Bubble, players will be assigned to a Development Group based on their skill level and ability. Each group will be assigned to one of our 2020-21 coaches who will plan and lead all practices and development sessions. Coaches leading each Development Group will make final player selections.
  • Within each Bubble, players will also be assigned to 1 of 4 Bubble League Teams. Coaches in each Bubble will work together to ensure these teams are as balanced as possible, including diversity of skill levels and an equal number of players from each Development Group within the Bubble.
  • Most “league” games will be played during weekend time allotments.
  • 4-on-4 modified games will initially be played within each Bubble, starting as early as Oct. 15th. Games will evolve to 5-on-5 hockey, as restrictions allow. All games will include OWHA on-ice officials and timekeepers.
  • The format and structure described above is being planned. If changes to current restrictions allow for the evolution of the season to a different format, the GKGHA will announce appropriate changes and any remaining prorated fees will be refunded or allocated to future programs.
  • When or if the OWHA announces that a DS season will proceed, the process for selecting DS  teams will be determined and communicated. This may include tryouts at a later date.

Start of Season Timelines:

  • Registration Open: Monday, September 14th
  • Registration Closes: Friday, September 25th
  • Bubble selection by coaches
  • Development Group practices:Tuesday October 1st
  • Bubble League Games: begin after a two weeks of skills sessions

 Registration Information

  • Program Capacity: The program will try to accommodate as many participants as possible.  Bubble size and composition may vary depending on enrollment

Player Eligibility:

Registration is open to ALL players, regardless of the association they were registered with in 2019-20, or level they played in the 2019-2020 season.

Non-GKGHAplayers: any player who was a member of another OWHA association or team in 2019-20 (or before) must be released from their previous association before the season begins. Registering with the GKGHA for the 2020-21 season will initiate this process with your former association – no further action is required.

OMHA Players & Eligibility:

  • Players who have previously played with an OMHA association are eligible for registration, with no further action required.
  • Players who register with an OWHA association for the 2020-2021 are ineligible to also register for an OMHA association or team this season.
  • Players who have already registered with an OMHA association or team for the 2020-2021 are ineligible to also register for an OWHA association or team this season.
  • Due to the unpredictable nature of the current situation, and possible restrictions on ice time in the Greater Kingston Area. Players will be presented with the total cost for their program were it to run without restrictions.  This cost will include  fixed season costs (such as GKGHA administration, OWHA registration, and Hockey Canada Insurance), along with the costs of ice rental and officiating/Timekeeping for the Season.  We will subtract the $200 deposit, and then collect equal payments on the 15th of the month in October, November, December and January.  The GKGHA will be closely monitoring the costs associated with each bubble and may choose not to collect any of these payments if we are not incurring costs inline with the projected total.  This will be communicated as the year progresses.
  • House league program fees are estimated based on anticipated registration levels. Some adjustments may be required.

Refund Policy:

Please click here for details on the GKGHA refund policy for the 2020-2021 season.

****The GKGHA would like to acknowledge and thank the BGHA for all their hard work, and commitment to creating documentation and the framework for this plan.