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NOTE FROM THE PRESIDENT - November 20, 2020

Dear Families,

First, a thank you to all of our families for their hard work and dedication to following the protocols necessary to keep our girls on the ice. We see you and we appreciate you. 

As I am sure you are aware, the KFL&A will move into the Yellow Protect Level on Monday, November 23rd. While the exact details are still being filtered down to us at this point, we do not think there are any direct impacts on our hockey program. As we get more information, we will update our families. We ask for your continued support in making sure we follow all protocols designed to keep our hockey families as safe as possible.

We do have a few updates to protocols happening at our facilities:

  • Where possible, we highly recommend that players come dressed to play as much as possible, but in order to allow winter coats to be put on the City of Kingston is now allowing players to put shoulder pads on inside the facility. Elbow pads and neck guards should be on when entering but they can bring their shoulder pads in their duffle bag and put them on inside. PLEASE NOTE - we still have only 15 minutes to sign in and get on the ice so where possible we recommend coming as dressed as possible.
  • Teams that skate at Henderson Arena in Amherstview will now be allowed to have one spectator per player, where numbers allow, for all teams U9-U18. Spectators must stand at glass level on either the home or away side closest to the exit doors. They may not stay in the stand area or go up to the warm area.

A few reminders:

  • A reminder that change rooms are NOT to be used. This is a GKGHA rule based on the social distancing required in change rooms and the number of volunteers we would require to supervise multiple rooms. And since players are arriving as dressed as possible rooms are not required. 
  • Please remember that social distancing is key to us being allowed on the ice. When players are getting ready they need to space out using benches, chairs and the player benches. We encourage a maximum of 8 players to use the player benches to get their skates on.
  • NO SIBLINGS are allowed in the facility. This is a GKGHA rule not a City of Kingston rule - getting permission from the City Screener to bring a sibling in does not exclude you from the rule. GKGHA has to manage our capacity numbers for our ice rentals and we have a very strict one player - one spectator rule to ensure we do not go over capacity for any of our ice times.

Please take a moment the next time you are in the rink to thank the City of Kingston screener and your team volunteers. They are both crucial to us operating.  They should not have to deal with all of the negative reactions and frustrations with the COVID protocols.  So let’s be sure to remind them that we are thankful for the role they play.  Our weekly visits to the rink are not a reality for a lot of other hockey players in the province, we should be grateful that our girls still get to practice and play. 

We hope that you are taking time to enjoy those smiling hockey players because as volunteers, those smiles are what is keeping us all motivated!

Rob Lambert

GKGHA President


    At the best of times, volunteers are the backbone of our organization. We simply can't function without them. This year will pose more challenges and more volunteers are required to ensure the best possible experience for our girls. If you are able to help in any way, please send a message to  We are looking for volunteers to fill the following roles:

    • House League Coaches for U15 (Bantam), U13 (Peewee), U 11 (Atom), U9 (Novice) and Fundamentals
    • Trainers
    • Den Moms

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